Protecting Client Data

We are an Australian consulting company that serves domestic and foreign customers with Concept, Security Solution Designs, Consumer Electronics, Managed Security, and Digital Communication Services. GABEY works with clients to keep their information safe and secure within Australia. An Australian-owned business making a difference in Australia. Although we collaborate with people worldwide, we never share any data originating in Australia, whether it's a log file or anything more sensitive. Whether it's a transaction record, an event log, or a medical chart, all data ultimately belongs to the Australian public.

The customer wanted a unique product.
 - not just an off-the-shelf product.
"Maintain Sound quality for 1km radius." 
- We said yes, we could do it.

First test run in Melbourne

It was a cold winter night by the side of the Yarra River. Silence Dance technical teams wanted to test the new headphones and give it a go - a live test, for the first time. The team had no plans to attract any audience, but something magical happened. Some pedestrians stopped and enjoyed the high-quality music played via the GABEY Silence Dance headphones. We have purposely darkened the video for privacy reasons.